Recreational 4WD Training

With a 4WD car or an 4WD Camper, people are tempted to do something more adventures. However, the dangers are often underestimated. The long distances off the beaten track, the vastness of the countryside, the dry and hot climate on one side but also the possibility of a sudden heavy rainfall and thunderstorm on the other side can cause unexpected difficult driving conditions. Be very well informed is one thing, to be proper prepared is the right way to go.

The 4WD Safety Training Awareness Courses of WA Tours driven by Otto Tours will give you the required skills and confidence in yourself and your vehicle. In addition, there will be given a number of hints and tips how to handle a 4WD car or 4WD Camper properly under different road conditions. You will learn how to drive your 4WD vehicle best to use different driving techniques on all kind of road and track conditions, like wet surfaces, dirt road and tracks. Furthermore, we teach you the right way to handle it on sand, beaches and rocky tracks. If you want experience the Australian bush from a different perspective, you have to leave the heavy used tourist trails and go off the beaten track. Hints and tips will be given just in case something goes wrong. You will be taught how to handle an emergency situation properly.

Our goal we try to achieve is, even though you may have had a 4WD vehicle for years, at the end of your recreational 4WD Safety Training Awareness Course, you will leave with renewed confidence and the ability to get much more enjoyment from your 4WD driving. This training is especially designed for the holiday maker. It will give you the confidence to use the many options of your 4WD car or 4WD Camper responsibly. the training is a protective action to secure your costly holiday investment.

4WD Safety Training Awareness Courses

Since 1992, WA Tours driven by Otto Tours is involved in a number of privately and commercially organised 4WD Safety Training Awareness Programs. All our trainers hold the so-called Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Workplace Assessor and in addition to the compulsory Seniors First Aid certificate; they also carry the certificate “First Aid in Remote Area”.


⇒ Driving techniques for sand, mud dirt and other road conditions.

Goal of the 4WD Safety Training Awareness Courses is... 

⇒ to better understand a 4WD Camper and it‘s possibilities.

⇒ to have more confidents in using the recovery gear

⇒ to improve the driving style on different road conditions

⇒ to give more personal safety in using a 4WD vehicle

⇒ to enjoy the Australian bush at its best.

special notes

Our courses are privately organised on dates to suit YOU.

We can hold it at selected venues. We prefer Lancelin. However, there are several other venues closer to the city.

Only you & the instructor, no big groups!


Half Day Introductory Course (4 hrs) $ 210.00

Full day Course (8 hrs) $ 385.00

Weekend Course (12 hrs ) $599.00

Including a course documentation.

At the end of the full day course and the weekend course, there is a test drive with practical driving experiences under different road and track conditions planned when possible.